Monday, July 25, 2011

The Waiting Game

Being told you could have your baby any day now is worse than being 5 years old on Christmas Eve! At least you know that Christmas is for sure coming the next day, right? For the past two weeks Bradley and I have been on pins and needles waiting to meet our precious little baby. Any sign of progress or labor has made our hearts flutter with excitement, but still no baby yet. Our due date isn't until August 2nd, a week away, and I was mentally prepared to wait until then or even a week later since it is so common for first time moms to go through 41 or 42 weeks. However my doc told us of the progress that's already been happening with my body and that D-day will come sooner, so I have grown expectant and impatient. But at the same time we're enjoying this last little bit of precious time of just the two of us though. And resting and napping while we still can! I go in waves of nesting and knocking out my to do lists, and then taking it easy and enjoying the quiet. I don't take it for granted, but oh boy I cannot wait until that quiet is filled with sweet little breaths, coos and ahhs, cries, and baby grunts.

So, here's that update I have been promising you in a nutshell:
At our last ultrasound 2 weeks ago he or she weighed 7 lbs 2 oz, and on average a babe in utero gains about 1/2 lb per week during the last few so I wonder how big little Dean will be? We have decided on names, however we are not 100% on these. We know that when we hold this sweet baby and look into its precious eyes we may know that his or her name is something totally different! So stay tuned to see who he or she is! I have loved the mystery of our baby, and cannot wait for the surprise!!! How many surprises do you really get like this in life? ;)

I have absolutely enjoyed our pregnancy. And having such an amazing guy like Bradley by my side makes me so thankful. Yes, I'm hot, tired, uncomfortable, and can't sleep now. But the baby and I are healthy, and that's all we could ask for! This has been such a special time in our lives and I know we'll look back and treasure it. After 9 months I am as prepared as I can be for the next step in life. I'm not anxious nor frightened. I am ready to take it all on and embrace every moment of new life, from the sweet snuggles and smiles to the sleep-deprived diaper changes. Bring it on!

Here's a little photo update of the past few months and weeks:

31 weeks after the Cotton Row Run 5k. I felt amazing to jog it 7 months pregnant!

32 weeks

35 weeks at the beach

39 weeks and counting...

I have a feeling this kid will someday look at this photo and laugh at my hair.



  1. ah! And the time is here. God is so good that way. Can't wait to meet your sweet bundle of love.

  2. You look gorgeous! What a beautiful photo.

  3. i just saw your birth video via twitter (@pennyweight) and it is GORGEOUS. congratulations congratulations! i just had my first almost one month ago and LOVED birth. it looks like yours was truly magical as well.