Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nursery Inspiration for a Little ???

Forgive us for our almost week absence. Last week was one of those. Bradley was super busy with a photo shoot (be on the lookout for the Billy Reid Spring 11 collection soon!), and I was just a tired pregnant momma. Not to mention eating with friends and family all week too. Oh boy, did I get spoiled dining out so much! And Friday night our rad newly nine-year-old niece stayed with us. She's always such a blast. I hope she thinks we're cool forever and doesn't outgrow us. ;)

But with all of the other work, projects, and activities we have going on, we are still in full baby mode! We have decided not to find out the baby's gender until his or her birth. It just seems like such a special surprise and gift to wait, and an altogether different birth experience as well. I hope we can stick to it for 6 more months!

Here are a few nursery photos we have found as inspiration so far out here in the internet world. I can't wait to start nesting and creating our little person's special room. Some are feminine, some are masculine, and we want to create something in between for our little mystery baby. :)


  1. those are great inspiration pictures! i personally love the touches of orange :)

  2. love all those photos!
    and i think it's awesome y'all have decided to keep it a surprise! =)