Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Daily Essentials

At last, its Saturday! Are you all just as pleased the weekend is finally here? I'll admit it, I slept in this morning and have been taking it easy until it's time to get going today. And it feels good. ;)

My man has been in the big apple for a few days and comes home tomorrow. Today he's photographing the Billy Reid Fall 11 show! I have yet to make my way to NY, I mean how ridiculous is it that I haven't been?! So as excited and proud I am for my huz to be doing something he loves in a great city, I hate being the one home alone. He's my biggest inspiration, so when I'm away from him I feel empty. So I thought I'd just blog about pregnancy today. That always gets me excited. ;)

So far, these have been some of my daily essentials:

Prenatal Vitamins + DHA for a healthy baby and momma

Kiehl's Creme de Corps body cream for my growing tummy

Smith's Lip Balm for pesky chapped smoochers

A Belly Band to wear with my jeans before having to purchase maternity pants

And Rockstar Diaries blog. I've always followed this blog, but the lovely couple just had a baby girl. I have enjoyed reading the guest posts on motherhood and her new experiences and love for her little baby.

Are there any moms out there with any recommendations or suggestions? Dos & Don'ts? Necessary & Unnecessary? One thing I have learned so far is to take everything I read or hear with a grain of salt. I'm still keeping myself open to ideas, advice, and such. But every pregnancy, baby, and mom are different. I think its easy to become overwhelmed and somewhat scared at all the information that comes flying one's way when they announce their pregnancy. But I would still love to hear from you experienced Mommas!



  1. Suggestion: Invest in a comfortable rocker/glider! It wasn't something I could afford when I was pregnant, but it would've been so amazing to have. I don't know if you plan on pumping, but manual pumps tend to leak all over your hand. Ick. Nap when he/she does instead of trying to get things done while he/she is asleep, especially early on. Register for a bottle drying rack, a steam sanitizer thing, a Boppy or similar product.. Uhm.. gosh, there's so much I could say! You already seem to be doing great, all prepared with your lotion and vitamins. :) Best wishes to your little family!

  2. Thanks for the tips Bailey! Its so helpful to hear from other mommies! Hope you and your sweet girl are doing fabulous! :)