Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Locks

Holy neglect, Batman! We haven't made a blog post in nearly a month, and I do apologize! The 8-5 grind has gotten the best of this little momma the past few weeks. The fashion world is in full swing and is traveling fast! We have tons to catch you up on such as the Juke Joint Festival, my 23rd birthday, a stunningly green photoshoot I recently styled and cannot wait to share, Baby's progress, Bradley's NY travels, and so much more!

But for now, I leave you with hair. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? I wanted short hair so bad and finally chopped my locks off a few months ago. And of course, now I am longing for those long locks again. That being said, hair is on my mind lately. ;) The wedding season has begun, and if you live in a hot sticky climate like I do, you need a pretty up'do or side swept ponytail for an outdoor wedding or event.

Lately I have been adoring these messy yet elegant hairstyles. Perfect for a southern bride or bridesmaid.






source unkown

For our Alabama wedding in mid July, I chose an up'do with a headband my grandmother crocheted. One of my favorite little details from that day.

Tec Petaja Photography

What are some of your favorite hairstyles for summer? Xoxo

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  1. ooooh i love all of these, especially anything with braids!! wish my hair was long enough to play with braids...*sigh*