Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Life!

One of the many things we still have to catch up on is the birth of our newest niece, Keelyn Alayne! My older brother, Shaun, has a beautiful family and I have never seen him as happy as he has been since marrying his love, Dana. They have two... well now three lovely little girls. Sarrah, Piper, and Keelyn. And let me tell you, Bradley and I are head over heels for these girls. Sarrah and Piper are both rather witty and sharp. Smart cookies! And I am so excited to watch Keelyn grown and develop her own personality. I adore being an aunt and cousin. We also have two more little girls in the family, Lauryn & Kaitlyn, my little cousins whom I also am crazy about. And no little boys! I wonder if Baby Dean will break the mold? We'll see in early August. ;)

Here are some photos and a short video Bradley shot in the midst of all of the excitement and anticipation while in the hospital with the rest of family and friends. I hope these images of new life and love encourage anyone reading in spite of all the disaster around us.

Keelyn Melton's Birthday from Bradley Dean on Vimeo.

We got a little bored in the waiting room and played with stickers. ;)

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