Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catching Up

Wow. Time. Is. Flying. Its time to dust the cobwebs and sweep the tumbleweeds from Dean Pudding and get up-to-date! Has it really been almost 5 months since I last posted? Part of me feels sad that I haven't kept up with this little ole blog. Not only is it a place for family and friends to glimpse into our lives but it is also our own little journal of memories. We have the traditional baby book, but come on... who actually has the time to tangibly scrapbook and keep up with one of those? However, another part of me feels excited that I now get to reflect on the past few months and write about our growth and adventures!

Confession: I started this post about a month and a half ago. This is the second time I have came back to finish it and have had to edit the info below to stay up-to-date on River's growth. It is currently almost 1am, and I am going to be so ticked at myself in the morning for staying up late doing this. But when the heck else am I supposed to find quiet alone time long enough to blog?

So here's the skinny on River in a nutshell:
-Nearly 9 months old. Best and worst 9 months of my life. I'll elaborate on that statement in a later post. Don't worry, its a positive thing. ;)
-Over 21 pounds and 28 inches at his last check-up a few months ago. Naturally, he's tall and slender.
-2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth. His is the sweetest smile I have ever seen!
-Hasn't consistently slept through the night since he was 4.5 months old. So I'm zombified and suffering from mom brain 75% of the time.
-Speaks gibber jabber fluently. "Dada-dada-bum-bum-mama-la-la-hummm-squeal!"
-Likes: bananas, singing, squirming, Rylee, pulling hair and beards, Daddy's lunch breaks, females (already), tickles, the color orange, his rubber duckie, chewing iPhones, reading books, playing with the recycle, Sesame Street, peak-a-boo, blowing raspberries, and other baby activities.
-Dislikes: car rides in the dark, vegetables (already), fighting sleep, ear infections, bumping his head, nasal spray, and nasal aspirators (the bane of motherhood).
-He can crawl, but more often army crawls and inchworms from one room to another pretty fast. Therefore, we can't leave him alone anywhere but his crib... for now at least. I give him another month before he is climbing out of it! He also pulls himself up to standing and is getting more steady on his feet each day!
-The little guy is into e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. And he is strong, sharp, and stubborn. Oh boy!
-His newest actives are singing and dancing. Bradley and I put on some fun tunes and sing and dance with him til we are all three worn out from giggling so much. I love our life!

I still owe you my birth story! I promise I'll work on it next. The only opportunity I have to type & blog is when River is napping or when he goes to bed at night. And honestly, I am usually too exhausted and have laundry or something else to do during those quiet hands-free moments. Nontheless, I am going to find the time and energy to type it all out within the next week. So stay tuned- this time I really mean it. Also to come is a post about the choices we made about birth, breastfeeding, etc. and why.

Here is a brief (i take a zillion pictures a week of this beautiful boy) photo catch-up! If you are our facebook friend or follow me on instagram then you have already seen these, but I can't get enough of this adorable face and you probably can't either, right? ;) And these are most all phone pictures, so forgive the blurriness and such!


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